We protect you and your home from those itchy, dirty, harmful pests that can infest and overrun YOUR home.

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Rodent Removal

Viruses carried by mice can get you sick if breathed in contaminated dust from mice nests or droppings

Roach Removal

Like rodents, Florida roaches can carry disease and viruses that are harmful as they get into your food and living space.

Ant Control

We help you eliminate the sources of fire ant entry and infestation. We will spray interior and exterior sources.

Bee Extermination

Bees have a tendency to find their way on your roof in the summers. We have solutions to prevent their hive building. We can safely remove and relocate the bees to a bee farm.

Tick/Flea Treatment

Protect you and your animals from these invasive and blood sucking pests that can cause disturbance of peace.

Commercial Care

From restaurants to office spaces, we will be able to provide pest solutions geared towards your needs.

What To Expect From A Pest Pro Technician

We have professional equipment and the know-how to get rid of pests faster and more thoroughly than you could on your own.

We treat your home for roaches, moths, household ants, centipedes, millipedes, earwigs, silverfish, home spiders, crickets, fleas, carpenter ants, fire ants, venomous spiders, stinging pests (bees, wasps, etc.), ticks, powder post beetles, mice, and rats.

Our technicians will identify and treat potential points of entry for pests. A protective layer around and inside your home will create a pest proof barrier, preventing pests from entering your home.

Initial Inspection

  • Modern home inspections are a necessity to ensure that your house is free of pests. Pests, like ants and rodents can cause extensive damage if left unchecked in the walls. This type of inspection will not only identify where they're coming from but also how bad it really is so we can provide you with an estimate on what's needed for treatment services at no cost!

Lawn Care Services
A Greener Green Solution

  • Pro Green Lawn and Ornamental Services
    - Stop wasting money on lawn care services you don't need.
    - Save up to 50% by hiring a pro for your lawn care needs.
    - Hire a professional, experienced Lawn Care  for your next project!

Inside Servicing

  • All entry points and common pest harborage
    areas will be inspected and treated. This treatment
    targets pests currently hiding in you home.

    - Get rid of all pests in your home
    - Guaranteed pest free for 30 days or we'll come back at no charge
    - Stop the headaches and get a full refund today
    - You will be happy with this service, or you pay nothing.

Home-Tailored Solutions

  • Homeowners know that pest control is a priority in their home. It's also one of the most misunderstood aspects of keeping your house clean and healthy, making it difficult to find effective solutions for dealing with unwanted bugs as well as preventing them from returning.

Schedule at Your Convenience

  • We offer pest control service for all of your needs! Use our online services to book an appointment, or call one of our representatives. You can also send us a text message with the details about what you need and when it would be best for someone to come out.

100% Guaranteed

  • Our Treatment program offers the highest standards in customer service. Our technicians take pride in servicing our customers pest control needs.
  • 24-hour response
  • On time service-every time
  • 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Ongoing Program

Our pest management program is designed to fit your needs. We understand how insects react to seasonal change and attack your home. We will service your home on a regular schedule and apply proactive pest control techniques to keep pests out all year long.

Florida’s Most Unwanted Pests

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