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Top 5 Effective Methods Used by Exterminators for Pest Control

Top 5 Effective Methods Used by Exterminators for Pest Control
April 22, 2022
Top 5 Effective Methods Used by Exterminators for Pest Control

The entry of pests and rodents into one’s household is not only unpleasant but also involves certain health risks. The spread of infectious diseases is a common consequence of uncontrolled inhabitation of one’s residence by pests. This is why it’s important to terminate such unwelcome animals immediately.

The Entry of Pests: The Beginning of Health Problems

Why are people so conscious about pest control? Why do healthcare providers stress so strongly the need to eliminate pests immediately? Its because their presence leads to health risks and diseases which include:

● Vector-Borne Diseases

Vectors are particular pests that spread infectious diseases. To be precise, pests such as mosquitos, ticks, rodents, and other related animals carry and spread vector-borne diseases. These vector-borne diseases include Lyme disease, Zika virus, and rabies.

● Allergies and asthma

People develop allergies to certain pests. If you’ve been suffering from a severe or mild allergic reaction, one reason could be the presence of the allergen pests. Pests that are common triggers to allergy include cockroaches. The allergic reaction to cockroaches can also trigger asthma. This is specific to young children.

● Microbial infections and diseases

Pests are mostly associated with microbial diseases and infections in people. The reason for this is, pests are the mode of transfer for acellular particles such as bacteria, viruses, protozoans, and prions.

Such diseases are the reason for people being so conscious about pests entering their homes. It’s better to spend a few bucks on terminating these microorganisms, rather than spending a bigger amount on healthcare.

The Methods Used for Eliminating Pests

Let’s get down to what you’ve been waiting for: the methods and practices used by exterminators for eliminating pests! They contaminate foodstuffs, or damage structural timbers also spread diseases. Here’s how pest control services rid your house of these unwanted animals:

Physical control of pests

As the name suggests, this method makes use of physical methods to trap pests. It’s most commonly used to catch rats and rodents. Another common example of physical pest control is the sticky flypapers that are used to catch flies in a domestic setting.

For cockroaches, glue boards are used. On the other hand, rodents inside buildings are trapped using baited string traps.

Poisoned Bait

The use of poisoned bait is common for luring insects and pests such as ants, mice, slugs, birds, snails, and rats, etc. For this method, people poison the bait, using specific chemicals to target certain pests. The bait attracts the animal, and the poison kills it.


An insulation layer is installed in the walls or ceilings of certain rooms where pest entry is common. These insulating layers are impregnated with pesticides. A common pesticide used for this purpose is boron which effectively kills termites, roaches, and ants.


With this method, the pests are enclosed inside a structure such as a tent which is then fumigated with the respective chemicals to kill certain pests. Usually, liquid insecticides are used to fog the enclosed area.


For some insects, the release of sterile individuals can help reduce the pest population by a significant amount. First, the mass rearing of a pest takes place, after which they are sterilized with the help of X-rays.

Exterminators and Where to Find Them?

To find pest control services near you, it’s a good idea to look up exterminator near me.. This will roll out several results, helping you find efficient and cost-effective exterminators near you.

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