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Do It Yourself Pest Control Products Online

Do It Yourself Pest Control Products Online
April 22, 2022
Do It Yourself Pest Control Products Online

Do It Yourself Pest Control Products Online

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In the United States alone, termites are responsible for $30 billion in damage to crops and infrastructure. That's just termites alone. Other pests, like rodents, eat billions of dollars worth of stored food every year.

Don't let pests control your life. You can take precautions and make sure that these house raiders don't eat you out of house and home.

There are several pest control products that can clear away all of those uninvited guests from your home. The process is very involved and requires care and attention.

Read this guide carefully and learn how to free your home from vermin. As you do, remember: Where there's one, there's many.

Invest in General Cleaning Supplies

One of the best pest control products is good old-fashioned soap and water, along with some rubbing alcohol. The reason for this is that pests are looking for food.

By remembering to take out the trash, cleaning countertops, the dishes, and anywhere else where food or crumbs might be, you've already won half the battle.

If the pests in your home can't get food easily because you've been cleaning, they'll start to starve. Once they figure out that your house doesn't have a ton of easily available food, they'll start to look elsewhere.

Make sure you wash down any surfaces with food or crumbs on them and wipe them down with alcohol to eliminate the scent of food residue and disinfect your countertops.

What To Do If a Few Hardy Vermin Stick Around

They'll most likely have to move on to more unconventional food sources like dead skin, fingernails, and hair.Â

You can fix those issues by vacuuming regularly and throwing the dust away right after you clean. Still, we understand that sometimes cleaning isn't enough in really bad infestations. Luckily, there are still solutions.

Use All Natural Pest Control Products

If you live in an apartment or condo, your less hygienic neighbors might accidentally share their infestation with you. You can fight back by protecting yourself with natural home pest control products.

Lemons smell awful to roach senses. To create an all-natural barrier between you and the roaches, get some water, add lemon juice to it, and put it in a spray bottle.

Make sure that there's enough lemon juice that it still smells strong when you mix it with the water. Once that's done, spray down any areas where roaches and other insect pests are likely to come in.

You can create some all-natural roach traps by putting coffee grounds and water in a jar and putting petroleum jelly around the inside of the lid.

The roaches will be attracted to the scent of coffee, but once they get inside, they won't be able to get back out. The water should kill them after 45 minutes since roaches can't stay submerged forever.

Baking soda and sugar are another entry in the series of tried and true organic pest control products. You just mix half baking soda with half sugar and spread it around areas where roaches or other vermin gather.

The sugar attracts the roaches, but the baking soda they eat with it will kill them from the inside over time since baking soda is like poison to roaches. Using poison bait this way is one of the best ways to get rid of pests.

Other Natural Repellents to Consider

You can also put chips of cedar wood around entrances where roaches and other insects gather since the smell repels a lot of pests. Cedarwood does lose its potency over time though.

That's why you should remember to go to the store and get some cedar oil to apply to the cedarwood. Between the scents of lemon and cedar, your house will feel like Chernobyl to the average pest.

Buy Diatomaceous Earth

If you're looking for professional pest control products, look no further than diatomaceous earth. It's made from the fossils of ancient microbes called diatoms, and they shred the exoskeletons of almost any insect.

Diatomaceous earth is safe on human skin and you can even eat it. Just make sure that you get food grade diatomaceous earth, and be careful not to breathe in too much of it.

Also, make sure that you put the diatomaceous earth in a duster and dust the area where you think pests are coming from lightly. Don't spread large chunks of it around your home.

While it is true that roaches and other insects will instinctively avoid diatomaceous earth, using too much can irritate your eyes and dry out your skin slightly.

Dangers of Diatomaceous Earth

It's also very bad to breathe in too much diatomaceous earth. Breathing in a lot of diatomaceous earth over a long period of time can irritate your lungs, and possibly cause silicosis.

Silicosis is a lung disease that makes it harder to breathe, and there is currently no cure. It's very unlikely that you will get silicosis from spraying small corners of your house.

You'll notice if you've used too much very quickly as well. If you've used so much that you notice diatomaceous earth floating in the air in your home, and you find yourself sneezing and coughing, you've used too much.

Get Professional Help

Some infestations are just too much for individual homeowners to take on by themselves. If you've tried everything on this list up to this point and haven't seen any changes, it's time to bring on an expert.

Professional exterminators will be able to locate nests in hard-to-reach areas that you might not have thought of before. They also have the equipment to take out hundreds of vermin if the situation calls for it.

If the situation is dire and you have mice, you definitely need to call an exterminator, since mice carry 50 diseases that can spread to humans.

Live With Peace of Mind

You work hard, and you deserve to come back to a clean home free of vermin. That's why the Pest Pros come with an arsenal of pest control products that can remove any unwanted bugs from your home, fast.

So put your feet up and stop worrying. Call the pest pros today and let us take care of your bug problem while you relax and think of your pest-free home.

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